They typically have primary voltages higher than 600 V and secondary voltages lower than 600 V with compartments for the associated protective devices assembled in an integral tamper-resistant and weatherproof unit. No one should climb trees that are in the vicinity of power lines. The successful operation of a transformer is dependent on proper installation as well as on good design and manufacture. It is obvious that CreateLogoDesign takes great pride in their work and rightly so. For example, the code-based demand load of a 208 Y/120 V, 3-phase, 4-wire panelboard is 42 kVA, which does do not include spare capacity for future growth. Duke Energy Corporation. Transformers change voltage levels to supply electrical loads with the voltages they require. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. These provisions will vary depending upon the weight, size, and mechanical configuration of the unit. fzVAm_mRJ}GoE>Mb-LBo^8p:>db[[wRI)9:K^>P[A$K)-Jc]!AwDI3rJ7aZVv0%DYxX^{{iQ]7-n%3wvg=yr 4 0 obj Who should trim or cut trees around power lines? If this data can be used, the extra cost to carry out tests can be avoided without sacrificing the quality of the transformer. Our logos are stylish, unique and memorable. Hint: Duct Tape to the Rescue. WebIntroduction, 1 of 7 Introduction. When does Duke Energy trim a tree versus take down a tree? In addition, to avoid problems, a civil engineer should be consulted for guidance on the above matters. The right tree or shrub, planted in the right place, can give you years of beauty and value without the potential dangers of getting too close to power lines. Business Card, Great work! "7>^P*#e;dEH?7"\']Ec5>\(zx94|aX7NRc6~l}(} endobj endstream endobj startxref If the load-side voltage is high, tap connections above 100% of line voltage must be used to lower the load voltage. Develop a procedure for inventory of all tools, hardware, and any other objects used in the inspection, assembly, and testing of the transformer. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". Notification may be made via door hanger, telephone call, letter, in-person contact or a combination of these methods. Oil-filled transformers are constructed with the windings encased in an oil-tight tank filled with insulating mineral oil. Introduction, 1 of 7 , active Introduction; Instructions, 2 of 7 Instructions; Circle of Safety, 3 of 7 Circle of Safety; Overview, 4 of 7 Overview; Objectives, 5 of 7 Objectives; Section Menu, 6 of 7 Section Menu; Clearances, 7 of 7 Clearances; Lesson 1, 2 of 7 Lesson 1. Review our, Ralph Baeza, PE, LEED AP, TLC Engineering for Architecture, Miami, Offices codes and standards change, accommodating new work styles, Codes, standards cause health care building design model to shift, Manufacturing and industrial building codes and standards trends, Codes and standards drive trends, changes in data center design, Technology drives K-12 school changes, while meeting codes and standards, Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed codes and standards articles in 2022. The installation of conductors should be performed only by personnel qualified and experienced in high-voltage equipment. You should note, though, that transformers serving large harmonic loads can produce a higher audible noise. Some manufacturers in the industry have extensive data on sounds produced by their transformers, and they usually can determine the sound level for a particular design quite accurately. Transformers are located either outdoors or inside buildings in an electrical room or other areas as permitted by code. Cast-coil transformers are constructed with the primary and secondary windings encapsulated in reinforced resin. The difference is they contain an enclosed tank with nitrogen or other dielectric gas to protect the windings. The location should not expose the transformer to possible damage from cranes, trucks, or moving equipment. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Till date we have designed more than 5,000 business logos. 2067 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<40F8DD91F560784FAE35A61D83A94C90>]/Index[2043 102]/Info 2042 0 R/Length 116/Prev 852971/Root 2044 0 R/Size 2145/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream It shall be the customers Use of alternate means of fire protection must be approved by the local code enforcement authority. 847 0 obj <>stream You may wish to right-click on the link above, select "Save Target As" and save the document to your hard drive for easier viewing. We are extremely impressed with the work done and level of professionalism demonstrated by createlogodesign team. With Duke Energys Builder Portal, you have the tools you need to get it done, right at your fingertips. For pad mount transformers with ratings 75kVA through 500kVA, a typical concrete base would be 5 1/2 by 6 1/2 ft and 10 in. [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED]. Our understanding of their general characteristics will allow the designer and end user to make the proper selection for the electrical system application. Consult the transformer diagrammatic nameplate for information on what tap must be used to correct for extra high or extra low incoming line voltage. These application types include: Indoor distribution transformers are used with panelboards and are separately mounted to supply the specific electrical load requirements in a system-specific application within the system distribution. The ESR Manual provides guidance and instructions pertaining to electrical service connections. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]. An easement is typically granted by property owners to an electric utility for the purpose of constructing and maintaining power lines and other equipment. Our new online service request capability walks you through the process, auto-populates saved information from your profile, and gives you more control over when and Caution is required when operating in parallel. When the load-side voltage is low, tap connections below 100% of line voltage must be used to raise the load voltage. Tree placement in relation to overhead power lines is critical in order to preserve the natural size, shape and overall integrity of the tree and protect the intent for which it was planted. more than ten (10) 600 MCM or smaller conductors per phase, or more than eight (8) With the exception of emergency situations, we attempt to ask permission of the property owner before taking down trees in maintained or landscaped areas. You should consider contributing to our CFE Media editorial team and getting the recognition you and your company deserve. 2013-2014 | All Rights Reserved MERIT MEDIA INT. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Serious injuries and even fatalities have occurred when This has been the subject of debate for years, and I know of no clear resolution. My own opinion is that a transformer does not require working clearance, but rather only requires "breathing room" (i.e., 6" from any wall). Often the location and the method in which a transformer is placed have much to do with the perceived sound as does the actual decibels generated. If appropriate, supports should be used so that the transformer enclosure is not crushed when the unit is lifted. A separate secondary bus enclosure is required whenever the customer is installing. There are NEMA standards for transformer sound and depending upon the kVA rating of a unit, the sound it produces must be under a certain decibel level. 837 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<628CD90D08ABAB4FB038EF4B9C9C7E56>]/Index[820 28]/Info 819 0 R/Length 84/Prev 192869/Root 821 0 R/Size 848/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream These procedures are different than rounding of trees over in which limbs are cut at arbitrary points, normally leaving unhealthy stub cuts. ; 3 Then we will refine your Logo until you are 110 % satisfied! The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Click Here to see our Portfolio. fzVAm_mRJ}GoE>Mb-LBo^8p:>db[[wRI)9:K^>P[A$K)-Jc]!AwDI3rJ7aZVv0%DYxX^{{iQ]7-n%3wvg=yr All Rights Reserved. Take care not to damage the base or tip it over. Reproduction, Locating a unit at the end of a long, narrow room, or in the corner of a room can cause a megaphone effect and amplify the transformer's sound. 1&Ub64#C #") "7KWpzJz1YeHB.r32Az{`gC~;jiV[Ceb*1rAz96lnA|3$ If you have some doubt as to the load capability of the unit, contact the manufacturer. The insulation resistance test should be conducted immediately prior to energizing the transformer or the beginning of the dielectric test. As stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) standards and ANSI Z133, an unqualified person should not work within 10 feet of overhead power lines with voltages below 50,000 volts. hbbd```b``z"H-dfH`?dirdl"?$L@{b`Ig` / If you are looking for someone who are able to produce EXACTLY what you want, this is the place to go with. Where do I find Duke Energy transmission structure numbers? Transmission Systems . Transformers are designed with provisions for lifting, jacking, and/or rolling. Performing this action will revert the following features to their default settings: Hooray! They were great at following our directions to the letter, while adding their own creative flair. Some equipment could have a different torque requirement than shown. Mounting the unit on a platform that has less mass than the transformer will make the platform serve as a sounding board, just like the body of a violin. It was great service with real professionalism from start to finish. This is especially true if bronze or other type material is used for the nuts/bolts. Other site considerations require closer analysis. Next, connect the load and energize the transformer. The transformer is equal to or less than its rated kVA and rated voltage. You may also hire a company to remove the debris or contact your local public works to see if they remove yard debris. Even mounting the unit a distance that is an exact multiple of the 120 Hz wavelength from a solid reflective surface may reinforce the sound waves, causing the transformer to seem louder than it actually is. It's important that you have an understanding of the manufacturer's warranty. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. createlogodesign provided very impressive artwork for our projects and does so in a very timely, efficient manner. Duke Energy 3-Phase Padmount Transformer Concrete Foundation Specifications For Mecklenburg County, NC Only July 2009. To avoid problems, you should follow the instructions provided by the transformer manufacturer. 3, on page 42. Usually, lateral bracing and/or an extra solid anchorage will be required. But be careful here: Before applying this voltage, check with the manufacturer's manuals. ; 2 Unlimited revisions. Can tree species that are compatible with a distribution line right of way be removed during routine maintenance? Our prices are low as compared to that offered by our competitors, as we understand that small business may have limited budgets, but we believe that even they should have the opportunity to get a professionally designed logo which meets their budget. If you cannot gradually increase the load, then full load may be applied. The secondary is 3-phase, 4-wire or Wye connected. We do UNLIMITED REVISIONS until you are 110% satisfied with your logo. The foundation should be constructed of reinforced, air entrained concrete having at least 3000 psi compressive strength at 28 days after pouring. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Distribution poles are typically the smaller poles seen following roads or property lines through subdivisions and have connections directly to homes or businesses. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a graphic designer than createlogodesign is your first port of call., Selecting, sizing transformers for commercial buildings, By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. The transformer is equal to or less than its rated kVA and rated voltage. 7. When transformers are installed for parallel operation, their rated voltages, impedances, and turn ratios ideally should be the same and their phasor relationships identical. This article presents several useful design concepts for selecting and sizing transformers in the design of electrical systems for commercial buildings. Exercise care during handling to prevent equipment damage and/or personnel injury. We offer a truly unbelievable service for the price to help you get a great start or revamp your business. However, anyone is encouraged to report unsafe conditions. These terminations should be attached to the cables as specified by the termination or cable manufacturer. Structurally speaking, it's generally wiser to place a transformer as close as possible to a column. Compatible species are not targeted for herbicide application. ;w]S9 V?O|H?&V+f[^ c#7b0#M>*. Planned maintenance is prioritized by evaluating reliability data, field conditions and other specific information. %PDF-1.7 % Are there transmission right-of-way uses that are prohibited? A right of way is a type of easement or agreement that grants a utility the right to use, access or transit a piece of property. A careful examination should be made to ensure that all electrical connections have been properly carried out and that the correct ratio exists between the low and high-voltage windings. Transformers, along with other power distribution apparatus, remain a fundamental component in electrical systems distribution for commercial buildings. However, they do protect the transformer itself from damage caused by harmonics. Check all of the tap jumpers for proper location and for tightness. The average temperature of the cooling air during a 24-hour period is 86 F. The temperature of the cooling air at no time exceeds 104 F. Selecting Transformer selection starts with the kVA rating required to supply the loads connected in the electrical system. A check sheet should be used to record all items, and verification should be made that these items have been properly accounted for upon completion of work. [CDATA[// >