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Exposition Magazine

With the vision of “A Thought Leader in Digital Transformation” the department of Industrial Management publishes the Exposition Magazine, the most outstanding magazine of the year to bridge the gap between Management and IT platforms. It is one of the leading university business magazines to mark the footprints of undergraduates of the Department of Industrial Management in the Cooperate World. With the aim of bridging these platform gaps, through the latest technology and innovation, analytical and research-based information to undergraduates and professionals, while bringing school students, undergraduates, entrepreneurs and industry to a common platform.

Exposition Entrepreneurial Community

The Exposition Entrepreneur Community (EEC) is a platform for entrepreneurs in different industrial fields in Sri Lanka to discover and discuss new ideas. This will be helpful for entrepreneurs to develop and maintain the success of their businesses, and as a result, they will contribute to the development of the economy of the country as well. The main stakeholders for the Entrepreneur Community will be the entrepreneurs from different fields from industries. Entrepreneurs are the innovators and risk-takers; and they are the sources of new ideas, that can involve goods, services or business procedures. They play a key role in the economy by contributing their skills to bring forth valuable ideas and innovations to the industry.


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